Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another walk through the Garden

Another pineapple head forming

Italian Asparagus

Boysenberry Flowers and fruit

Blueberry flowers



Ripening Purple Passionfruit

Blossoms on Ornamental Pear

Small Leave Lilly Pilly Flower

I just love this weeping Lilly Pilly blossom

Mini Gardenia - if only you could smell the intoxicating fragrance

White Jacaranda

Purple Jacaranda - It has taken 10 years to flower!

Mums memorial Rose


  1. A beautiful walk through the garden, thank you!

  2. All of God's creation is sooo beautiful and precious;)

    Thanks for allowing me to experience it with you!

  3. WoW is this your garden it is to die for I have never seen raspberries grown Here in Australia.I used to pick them groeing wild in Scotland when I was little They are yum.
    You are Special you know why.
    Hugs Mary.

  4. Thank you for taking us through your garden - gorgeous!!

  5. I love your garden walk, especially since it's Fall here and you never know what the weather will hold. It could be cold and rainy and 45 degrees or 80 and hot or both in one day. Such is Georgia. I just realized that the Lilly Pilly plant was the name of the applique pattern I got from Kellie of Don't Look Now! I get them from Twiddletails online.


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