Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Thursday Walk through the Garden

It is 6am on the only sunny day we have had for over a week. More rain is expected tomorrow, so I am taking advantage of the sunshine and getting all the washing and mowing done today. The garden was so beautiful this morning, I put on my gum boots and went for a stroll.

Jasper Carrot - the fearless chicken hunter

Small Leaf Lilly Pilly Flower

Hydrangea Flower

Native Frangipani

White Jacaranda - just starting to flower

Weeping Lilly Pilly with Powder Puff flowers

Purple Jacaranda in flower

Silky Oak


  1. It is very interesting to see the same plants doing the same thing... in Australia... as in South Africa. The Jacaranda are in full bloom and a haze of purple is all around the city... and many other trees are showing their colors too.

  2. Wonderful pictures - thank you sharing!

  3. I love to see pictures of other lands flowers.


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