Monday, December 20, 2010

Withdrawals and 200th Follower Giveaway

I am on holidays in Sydney and without my sewing machine, hand sewing and ability to purchase fabric. I have borrowed my sisters laptop to write a quick post as a quick fix.

I am already plotting another giveaway. When I reach my 200th follower I will be giving away a prize. I will keep it a mystery until I near the double century of followers.

Happy Quilting and Merry Christmas


  1. Enjoy your holiday in Sydney. Hope you're not getting too blown away today. It's like winter all over again.

  2. Welcome Sydney. A bit blowy at the moment isn't it?

  3. Have you started pulling at threads on your clothes, contemplating knotting them together, quilting a little with the extras from the turned hems on your pants?!?! LOL I just can't imagine you without sewing in hand, Jane!

    Wishing you the MERRIEST of Christmas and an INCREDIBLY HAPPINESS FILLED New Year!!!!!


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