Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Poodle Quilt

Some might know my cute pooch, Jasper Carrot from previous posts. Jasper is an Apricot Mini Poodle we adopted from the lovely Jenny Whiting.

Looking like a Woolly Mammoth - time for a haircut.
This weekend Jasper and I will be attending 'Poodles in the Park' a fun event hosted by the Poodle Club of Queensland. Jasper won the Naughtiest Puppy award last year and may be still in the running again for the same award!

Jenny is such a kind and loving person and I have finally finished a poodle themed quilt for her to receive this weekend when we catch up at the park.

I found this cute poodle print in linen on Etsy and bordered it with fabrics from Windham, Moda ( Portobello Markets, Wildflower Serenade II ), Kaufmann Linen and Michael Miller Krystals.

A simple 'Square in the Square' design 
Quilting - Echo pattern. It makes a little trapunto effect in the centre.
Appliqued Puppy Label to finish.
I have two more in the pipeline for Jenny's grandchildren. Better get cracking!


  1. Aw, love the puppy label.

    Wanted to say thanks for my order too. Got it yesterday so thanks for your super speedy delivery - and the little freebie.

  2. As you know I have a little, very naughty poodle too, so of course I am in love with this quilt. You are just so clever.

  3. What a sweet dog! And I love the quilt! Good luck at the show!

  4. Jasper is a cutie and that label is a gorgeous finishing touch - really sweet.

  5. It goes without saying that Jasper is a sweetie.

    I love the idea of using the Accuquilt "Spot" as a label. So creative.

  6. your quilt looks fantastic. I love the colours and the doggy theme is a winner for me too!
    What a great gift.


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