Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flirt and Eat Your Fruit n Vegies

Just listed in my little e-shop a taste of what is to come from Sandy Gervais and Pat Sloan.

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies by Pat Sloan
Inspired my whole life by fresh produce, I created a fabric line with all the yummy colors of my favorite fruits and veggies! This tantalizing collection of prints of and coordinating batiks features various fresh-picked shades from the garden: purple eggplants, luscious strawberries, wonderful orange carrots, fresh green beans, delicious apples, and let's not forget to put a cherry on top, my favorite fruit of all!

Eat Your Fruit n Veggies

Flirt by Sandy Gervais
Flirting is saying, "Hey! I like you" without a single word. It's a coy glance … a wink and a grin … it's blushing when you say hello. It isn't a skill; it's an art. Flirting makes you wonder what else is in store. And there is more in store … much more in Flirt – the latest line of fabric from Moda's Sandy Gervais. The patterns are shy but deliberate … the colors, subtle but energetic. They're a sidelong gaze paired with a quick smile. And just like the fine art of flirting, they're irresistibly playful…in fact, if you wink, they will probably wink right back!



  1. Those fabrics are just so tempting! I really liked your Flock quilt and especially your Man of Cloth quilt (very striking). Beautiful work!
    best, nadia

  2. Flirt is cute. A little more subtle than her usual designs.

  3. Like the look of the flirt fabric.

  4. Two lovely ranges of fabric.


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