Saturday, September 29, 2012

What spooky things will you make for Halloween?

Halloween is not big in Australia like it is in the northern hemisphere but that is no excuse not to join in on the craft fun. Last night I sketched a skull onto white solid cotton with my new Pentel gel roller fabric pen. They are brilliant pens. I purchased mine at the FatQuarterShop along with some other fabulous notions. 

The Pentel Pens come in 3 colours - black/blue and red. They have a fine point and they behaved well on the cotton fabric. No smudging or bleeding. They are water based and permanent on most fabrics. The water based pigment withstands multiple washes. I set with a hot iron ( no steam ) and it did not smudge. Very impressed with this product. It will come in handy making quilt labels.

This is still a work in progress. I think another border of some spooky fabric and quilt using a spiderweb pattern in orange thread.

What will you be making for Halloween? Have you seen anything on Pinterest / Instagram / Facebook that has inspired you?


  1. Fall greetings to everyone and hello from an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Richard from Amish Stories.

  2. You are quite the spooky artist! Love it.

  3. You are a very talented artist. It certainly will be a creepy quilt.

  4. That is seriously creepy! The creepiest I got last year was doing my fireplace mantle, making a quilt that was more cute than spooky, and making throw pillows with a bat and a cat...and this year I am going all out (sarcastic tone) and making a black and white quilt. My boys looove spooky though. They scared the beejesus out of the neighborhood kids last year!!!

  5. I purchased Amy Bradley's Halloween Quilt pattern. It is sewn together and I am putting the final details on. This pattern is so cute and not spooky at all but definitely a great Halloween item! Next will be basting all three layers together before it is quilted. Yippee!

    Thanks so much for showing us what you are doing. I have been looking for pens to start doing some fine detail on quilts with pens. Definitely will use your suggestion of the pentel pens!

  6. That's a good skull. We will make a few decorations but all very tame.


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