Saturday, October 20, 2012

What's up this week

What's been happening here.

Received 'Just because' flowers from Melody 
Finished pillow for Sally. For those that commented about the
Aurifil threads, just letting you know I shall be buried with them LOL
A cushion for Lynne
Another cushion for an upcoming Blog Hop
My pure Elements Stash ready to be made into a quilt
A secret squirrel project in Kasuri
Another secret squirrel project in Summerville 
Sqeeeeee! Some Liberty cottons 
Grapes are appearing so wine o'clock at chez Davidson soon 
My Jacaranda finally bloomed after 12 years.
My bounty from the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair. I love my glow in the
dark skeleton fabric, jellybean scissors for travelling and new
permanent fabric pens
And heaps of client quilts ...

Blog hops galore and many, many things I cannot show you. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Love Kasuri. I only have one charm pack and I am trying to decide what to make.

  2. Seeing other people's stashes of Liberty fabric just makes my desire for some even stronger! Not that I would use it for anything... just pull it out occasionally to pat and fawn over! Haha

    I miss the jacaranda that was out the front of our old place! The gorgeous carpet of purple on the front lawn each season made me so happy!

  3. Glad you liked your hexies. You have been so busy.

  4. Nice Hexies and beautiful Pure Elements! I think I need to buy a few colors. The pillows are very pretty! (changed my blog name a little)


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