Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Go Lucky

Arriving in the store next week are the Moda collections -

Spring House by Stephanie Ryan
Inspired by an old stone house nestled next to a brook surrounded by a beautiful meadow full of of flowers and butterflies, the Spring House collection is all about keeping it cool. When the weather starts warming up Spring House will soothe your spirit with sweet muted colors, pretty flowers and fun prints. Grab your picnic basket, comfy quilt and soft pillows made from my debut fabric collection with Moda Fabrics and have a relaxing day at the Spring House.

Spring House

Simple Marks - Summer by Malka Dubrawsky
I love summer in Austin, Texas, my hometown. This may be a startling revelation considering the brutal heat, but there is something magical about the light in the summer in Texas. I wanted to capture that light and the playful quality it gives a summer day in Simple Marks Summer. I strove to combine these simple, graphic shapes with joyous color to mimic the glee I feel when I encounter sunny Julys in Texas. Nothing seems to make me sigh more deeply. These fabrics are perfect for today’s modern patchwork creations as well as garments, especially for children. The prints are direct and energetic and, best of all, sunny.

Simple Marks - Summer

Happy-Go-Lucky by Bonnie and Camille
It’s a perfect summer day and things are looking up. She can’t help but skip along, not a care in the world. Wearing a beautiful vintage dress with all her favorite colors, lime green flats, a bright red popsicle in hand, under a beautiful aqua sky, she’s happy-go-lucky, and today life couldn’t be any sweeter. Full of cheery dots, stripes, vintage florals and delightful scallops, with happy-go-lucky that beautiful summer day is just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

Comma by Zen Chic
Characters, numbers, and barcodes catch our eyes instantly - especially when they come in classic, bold black and white. Comma also features even cooler nuances of charcoal and chalk. And the big asterisks make a pretty cool statement! Mix the lights and darks up with some colorful splashes, make a stunning quilt by showcasing the bold large scale graphics, and also stash the many versatile small scale basic prints - you’ll need them over and over again!



  1. you are lucky! how can you get happy go lucky so quickly? It is so stinkin' cute!

  2. Can we, no I mean I :O) purchase some Happy go lucky today. Before it hits the store? If so, kindly email me back with what you have prices etc and I can pay immediately. hope to hear :o)

  3. Comma is going to be huge!! Really good modern basics. I love reading the blurbs that describe the collections.

  4. These look so lovely, had better start saving my pennies. Hugs...

  5. oooh, I'll be getting some Comma too, I've had my eye on that line! Gorgeous Jane, you'll be so happy opening your boxes when they arrive!! Catherine

  6. oooooh I'll be getting some Comma too, I've had my eye on that line! Gorgeous Jane, you'll be so excited opening the box/es when they arrive!! Catherine


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