Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Too hot to handle

It has been extremely hot and humid in Brisbane for over a week so I locked myself in the sewing room with the air-con on and did some intensive cleaning and de-stashing. In total, I sold over 30 kilos of fabrics to the patrons of the Sew You're Destashing! FaceBook page. I feel so good to share the 'fabric love' and send it to good homes.

In my cleaning frenzy I finally got around to placing the decals on my glass cupboards that were a gift when we renovated the old garages to make them my sewing room.

I also separated the larger fabric collections into designers, such as my shrine to Pat Bravo and the Art Gallery Fabrics team.

Now to see how long it lasts before I go into a creative frenzy and mess it all up again. 


  1. 30kgs?!!! Woah!!! I have a special place for my AGF stash too, and just bought up some more today in fact - Fabric Shack has a bunch for $5 or $6 a yard!

  2. What Alyce said. I want to weigh my stash now ;o)

  3. I don't know about getting rid of fabric, but organizing it sounds wonderful and your cubbie looks beautiful!!

  4. Good on you for having a spring/summer clean and getting organised. I love your cupboards, and they're extra pretty with the decals.

  5. I have trouble parting with my fabric also but I do love to organise it.


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